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Selfie Pod Features

Discover the excitement of our cutting-edge Selfie Pod Photo Booths, designed to add a layer of fun and entertainment to any occasion.

Dimmable Ring Light Selfie Pod

Lights, Camera, Action!

Get creative with photos, gifs, boomerangs and videos.

Dimmable Beauty Light

The adjustable soft-lighting ring light sets the ideal mood for snapping your finest moments.

Responsive Touchscreen

For a smooth and effortless photo booth experience.

Professional Software

Our user-friendly and robust photo booth software provides a variety of experiences for brands, agencies, and private events.

Fully Battery-Operated

Forget about searching for power outlets or dealing with cables. Our selfie pods run on inter-changeable batteries, ensuring you and your guests enjoy hours of continuous entertainment.

Angles? We've got you covered!

Find your most flattering angle with ease.

Tilt-able Head

Position it just how you like and get ready to pose. Our booth makes sure you always appear in your best light.

HD Camera

Our high-definition camera, equipped with sophisticated processing technology, captures vivid and detailed memories that you’ll cherish forever.

Tilt-able Selfie Pod
Selfie Pod

Customise it to your liking...

Our selfie pods adjust to your preferences, enabling you to craft personalised photo experiences.

Portrait or Landscape

Select from portrait or landscape formats to match your style.

Personalised Screens

Incorporate a personal touch by customising the screens with your event’s theme, logos, or messages for a truly unique experience.

Customisable Content

Seize every opportunity to capture diverse content, all at once!

Still Photos

Just like a traditional photo booth, take classic ‘still photos.’ With various layout options, our Photo Booths let you snap beautiful pictures that you’ll treasure forever.

Stop-motion GIFs

Animate your memories with stop-motion GIFs.

Our booth takes a sequence of pictures and transforms them into engaging animated GIFs, adding a dynamic element to your keepsakes.


Get creative with our boomerang feature.

Generate looping clips that play back and forth, offering a creative spin on your captures.


AI Face Swap

Dive into the world of digital fun with our AI Faceswap feature!

Step into the shoes of your favourite characters or swap roles with your friends for a photo. The AI Faceswap adds a personalised and humorous touch to your event, ensuring everyone gets a unique keepsake.


Capture the essence of your event with short video clips, from heartfelt messages to dance moves.

Our selfie pod enables you to create vibrant videos to share and reminisce over with friends and family.

Powerful Creative Effects

Give your photo booth moments an extra touch of magic with engaging effects that make your snapshots pop. From enchanting filters to dynamic overlays, our creative enhancements will transform your photos into something extraordinary.

‘Kardashian’ Beauty Filter


Elevate your photos and videos with an assortment of filters, setting the ideal tone and atmosphere for every capture.

Animated Overlays

Visualise yourself surrounded by glittering confetti, vibrant fireworks, or tender animated hearts drifting across your frame, adding a layer of fantasy and excitement.

Green Screen Magic

Journey to any corner of the world or craft unique settings with our green screen capability, allowing for endless creativity in your backdrops.

Visual FX

Incorporate lively visual effects, such as zooms, slow-motion, and speed ramping, to enrich your content and hold the viewer’s attention.

Elevate Your Brand Presence

Leverage our branding options to amplify your event and boost brand visibility. Tailor the photo booth experience with your company’s branding for a memorable impact.

Seamless Experience

Create a smooth and intuitive experience for your guests, from start to finish, ensuring effortless interaction with the photo booth.

Data Collection

Gather important insights and feedback from guests using GDPR-compliant forms, enabling questionnaires and surveys without hassle.


Make your event more engaging with fun interactive features such as scratch-to-win and spin-to-win games.

Brand Visibility

Increase your brand’s presence with customised branding throughout the photo booth experience.

Customer Interaction

Boost customer engagement and involvement with tailored prompts and fun interactive features.

Build Brand Loyalty

Foster brand loyalty by delivering a fun, unforgettable experience that guests will associate with your brand.

Generate Revenue

Enhance your revenue potential with photo booth extras, call-to-actions, sponsored content, or other unique experiences.

Effortless Social Sharing

Instantly share your fun photo booth moments with our easy social sharing option! Just scan the QR code or input your email or phone number to receive a link. From there, you can easily access and download all your photos and videos.

Tailored Microsite

Craft a custom-branded microsite to display all the photos and videos from your event. It’s a fantastic way for attendees to revisit the fun times and share their favourite moments on social media.

Live Slideshow

Broadcast user-generated content live on a big screen or projector, letting attendees see their photos and interactions. This boosts the excitement and keeps everyone engaged.

Data Analytics

Obtain critical insights into how users interact and engage with our detailed data analytics. Assess the success of your event and use these insights to plan more effectively for the future.

Real-Time Event Monitoring

Keep a close eye on your event’s performance as it happens. Monitor the activity, track how the booth is being used, and carry out any necessary maintenance remotely to ensure a seamless experience.

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